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Free to Be workshops, seminars and retreats encompass a host of subjects, all aimed at your personal growth. They are designed to deliver insights and tools to transform your life with awareness.

Subjects are listed alphabetically and include (but are not limited to) the following:

Awareness – There is nothing more life-changing than developing awareness! Learn how to be your own ‘observer’. The observer is not entangled in all your drama or the circumstances around you, so you can experience far more freedom to choose your desired reactions, as well as discover how others may see you. Awareness is at the root of all personal growth, your desired life and even enlightenment.

Break Free Sessions – A private session using a proven method and four simple questions to set you free from fears, past hurts or anything else that is holding you back. [Read an article here.]

Discover Your Design – We are each unique, with various talents, personalities, temperaments, abilities, values, passions and world views. Discovering your unique design allows you to accept yourself and others more completely, so feelings of inferiority tend to drop away. When you understand who you are, you find a greater degree of personal freedom and aren’t as apt to be trapped into making decisions out of duty or others’ expectations.

Discover Your Inner Compass – We each have an internal guidance system that works flawlessly when understood. Learn the language your guidance system uses to speak to you and how to identify the clues along the way. The path you desire is there, waiting for you to discover it.

Shortcut to Happiness – You can choose happiness and joy, regardless of your circumstances…really! Learn the not-so-secret shortcut to a contented, fullfilled and happier you! [See the article here]

Values – discover and connect with your core values. Our true values drive most our decisions in all of life. They influence our every choice we make in relationships, career, activities and everything else. They are not static; they can change, so it’s a great idea to re-evaluate your values from time to time. A good understanding of your values gives you tremendous insight, clarity and focus, allowing you to make the best decisions and prioritize the actions that that serve you best today, as well as in the future.

Vision Board Workshop The Vision Board is one of the greatest tools available to us as to live our values and truths. They are created by you, with magazine pictures and words that represent short or long-term goals in our lives. When you place it where you see it often, it effectively sends a messages to your subconscious by being an easy, quick visualization. Visualization is one of the most powerful life-changing exercises you can do. Whether you believe that or not, there is a ton of evidence that it works.

NOTE: These subjects are flexible and can be expanded or condensed, depending on the desired time frame. A workshop usually focuses on one or two subjects, while a seminar or retreat may encompass greater breadth. For more information, contact me using the form below.

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