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Skinny Meals (300-500 Calories)

Recipes, by category, that are only 300-500 calories each!

Check out these links:

Scroll down to see ideas for breakfast, lunch, appetizers, soups, salads and entrées. Combine them into fabulous meals for almost effortless calorie counting.

For tips on how to lose weight without depriving yourself, click here.

Skinny Breakfast Ideas

I feel so much better when I have protein for breakfast. You might want to try one of the delicious egg dishes and even better when you can make it ahead and just heat ‘n’ eat in the morning.

Skinny Lunches

Having a main-dish salad in the refrigerator is SO GREAT when you’re packing a lunch, or in a hurry. Make one of these terrific recipes ahead and grab it for a quick lunch instead of a sandwich or fast food!

Skinny Appetizers

Keep in mind that some of these appetizers are usually served with crackers, or chips. To keep the calorie count down, use cucumber, or other veggie slices, instead.

Skinny Entrées

You might be surprised to see some entrées here that have potatoes or pasta in them, but I don’t believe in omitting these beloved foods entirely, so simply choose a salad or side dish that has a low calorie count to keep the meal in an acceptable range for your plan and ENJOY your food!

Skinny Salads (and salad dressings)

Many of these are main-dish salads and a meal in themselves, but you’ll also find great side salads here to put with a Skinny Entrée.

Skinny Side Dishes & Vegetables

Sometimes a vegetable is all you need for a side dish (rather than rice or potatoes). Here are some yummy ideas for both.

Skinny Soups

Soups can be loaded with fat, especially in restaurants! These are both healthy and delicious, but meant to be the entrée, rather than served with a meal. NOTE: The French Onion Soup is low cal ONLY if you leave off the bread and cheese!