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Recommended Tools & Products

A well-equipped kitchen is a pleasure to use, and it’s frustrating when you don’t have the right tool for the job. A lot of fancy gadgets aren’t necessary, but there are a few tools that I consider essential  and wouldn’t want to be without. Listed below are some of the items that I find truly useful. Click on them to see more.

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RECOMMENDED TOOLS: These products are available on Amazon.com.

Grill Basket – A wonderful tool for grilling veggies or fish. Small item don’t fall through the holes, but you still get that fabulous grilled flavor.

Instant Read Thermometer – You really d51D5UdnoCRL._SL1200_o need one of these. The thicker types take too long to register the temperature.

Kitchen Scale – So helpful for measuring,Kitchen Scale
especially if you’re on a weight loss plan. This one is slim, easy to store
and can be changed from ounces to grams.

Kitchen Timer
Kitchen Timer – Most timers require you to push the button repeatedly to set the time. With this one, you just enter the number you want. It also remembers so you can do the same amount of time again with just the push of one button.

Citrus SqueezerLemon/Lime Squeezer – We use this tool a lot. It makes juicing lemons and limes SO much easier than any other method. No appliance, no twisting and no mess.
Measuring cup SetMeasuring Cup Set – I like to have 2 sets of measuring cups – one for liquid and one for dry ingredients. Stainless steel is easy to clean and durable. (I’ve broken more than one handle off the plastic kind.)

Measuring Spoons – I love these measuring Measuring Spoonsspoons because they are oblong and fit right into the opening of spice bottles. I have two sets, one for dry ingredients and one for wet so I don’t have to wash them so often.

Microplane or ZesterMicroplane (or zester) – a wonderful tool for zesting citrus or for finely grating hard cheeses, like Parmesan.

Oven ThermometerOven Thermometer – You’d be surprised how many ovens are not accurate and they need to be replaced once in a while. If recipes aren’t turning out quite right, check the accuracy of your oven.

Pepper Salt Mill
Pepper Mill – I love Olde Thompson because they have a lifetime guarantee and pepper mills do break down. I’m on my 3rd free replacement. The salt mill is great because you can use a good quality sea salt, and it matches. 😉

Refrigerator ThRefrigerator Thermometerermometer – It’s important to store your food between 35 F and 40 F to be safe, and don’t you hate it when the lettuce freezes?
Skillet –  I LOVE this skillet! It’s nonstick hard-anodized, so the skilletcoating won’t flake or peel off so you can use metal utensils when you need to, and it’s a breeze to clean. Cuisinart is a good brand, so I expect this to last a long time! This one is 12-Inch, which I find to be the most versatile size and a lid is important, too.

Spice Grinder – this will grind coffee, too, but it is small, so it will do a better job on spices than a large grinder.

Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base – All of the Better Than Bouillon products Better Than Bouillonhave a really good flavor, not salty like bouillon cubes. I use this one for all recipes that call for chicken broth.
Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base – Perfect for vegetarian dishes.81lMsG+wjuL._SL1330_

Better Than Bouillon Beef Base – Include this in your beef stews & soups for added flavor.514xi2kOSkL