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PRACTICE GROUNDING – an exercise in self-awareness.

Connect to your inner power and the energy that creates worlds. Get grounded and clear. Live your life with intention.


Don’t worry, it’s easy. If it feels strange or ‘woo woo’ to you, just stick with me and go with it for a few minutes. This exercise is simply about you being still and becoming more aware of your self.

Find a comfortable place where you can relax. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in your own natural rhythm. When you exhale, let go of all the stuff that happened earlier today, and all the things you have to take care of later. Take another breath and as you exhale, relax more fully.

As you sit there, realize that you are exactly between the heavens and the earth. You are like a lightening rod, solidly grounded to the earth, yet with your head in the heavens. There is nothing between you and the earth and sky.

Now, imagine that there is a golden cord that goes down into the earth from your spine. It goes all the way down into the center of the earth and grounds you firmly to the earth. It keeps you totally connected to the energy that is the core of this earth, to the fire and light that is the nurturing power of this earth. This cord is your anchor and it keeps you constantly connected to that power. Envision this energy from the earth moving up and down that cord. Your personal energy is connected to it and is also moving up and down between you and the earth. This energy is grounding; it’s very settled, very calm, and very vertical.

Take another deep breath and settle in to that energy. Take a little time to feel it fully.

Now shift your attention to the top of your head. Imagine that the golden cord that goes through you spine also extends upward. It goes up through the ceiling, into the clouds, and on into the heavens. This is your connection with the heavens. It connects you to the entire Universe, to the energy that creates worlds, stars and galaxies. Your higher self loves this connection and, if allowed, would constantly stay tapped into this powerful force. Take another deep breath in your own rhythm and allow the energy to flow into your being. Feel it fully.

Allow yourself to feel how you are anchored firmly into the energy of the earth, and also connected to the energy of the heavens, the Universe. The thing that connects you, and your life, to these two worlds is this beautiful cord that runs through your spine. Take a moment to tune into this connection. This is your core, your natural conduit for ability and creativity, your strength and source of energy. And this is your vertical.

Breathing in your own natural rhythm, imagine earth energy moving up your spine to just above your head, and as you exhale, it moves back down your spine as the energy and white light from the heavens moves down with it, filling you. It’s like a circuit and you are the center, the conduit. These two powers flow effortlessly, keeping you connected to the earth and to the heavens.

Feel the consistent quality that your energy field has when you are connected in this way. Take a little time to settle into that. Take another deep breath in your own rhythm.

Now, with your eyes still closed, put your awareness on your heart. Imagine that these amazing energies are creating a light inside you that is centered in your heart. From your heart, this light goes out in a beam like a flashlight, only brighter. It is pure radiance. It’s fiery and warm and it lights your way. This is your horizontal energy.

Now, simply acknowledge to yourself, “Yes, I’m grounded. And because I am grounded, I have a beautiful white light that beams from within me. It is strong and sure. It guides and directs me. My heart has the capacity to be open and alive and radiant. It wants nothing more than to radiate with courage, without any concern for what comes back to it.

This is your true power. This is your true self. Realize this, right now. This is simply you being with you, connecting more deeply with your authentic self. This connection has nothing to do with the external world, or with anything out there. Take another deep breath, relax, and fully enjoy this lovely place you are in.

Because you have this connection with your life force always available to you, you can give yourself permission to be internally fulfilled in everything you do. You can feel it so you know it’s real. From now on, you can access this connection any time, anywhere. It feels really good, because you’re just being you, grounded and connected to your life force and your heart. You can feel how easy it is, how freeing it is.

When you open your eyes, you will become very aware again of the world around you. The direct, clear connection that you have been feeling will then seem less ‘real’ and less accessible. So before that happens, take one more deep breath and relax into your connection once more. Ask yourself this question: On a scale of one to ten – ten being the most grounded, the most connected – where am I, right now?

Then, ramp it up! Allow the energy to move and build until you can feel that you’re at a ten in being connected and grounded. You’re feeling really, really calm, and you’re very centered.

Now, as you slowly open your eyes and take in the horizontal world, don’t allow your attention to shift. Keep your attention on that inner connection and energy, and notice what happens as you open your eyes. See if you can continue to be connected to your core as you allow the horizontal, outer world back in.

Now, with your eyes open, ask yourself again what number best describes you connection. You may have lost a little ground, simply from opening your eyes and taking the outer world back into your consciousness. But now that you know how to get grounded and experience both your energy and your authentic self, you can do this little exercise as you start every day. Make it a grand experiment to see how connected and grounded you can remain throughout the day. You might even take energy breaks and do this exercise on your lunch hour, or whenever you get a chance.

Some of you can tap right into this whenever you want because you have practiced some form of meditation previously. But if this is new to you, just keep practicing. You always have access to your true power, and the more you practice it, the easier it gets. I promise!