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Freedom & the Truth Within You


“The Truth Will Set You Free.”

Truer words were never spoken. My experience and the experience of many people I know will attest to the fact that when you see and recognize the truth, freedom comes spontaneously. When the light of truth shines on the lie you have been believing, it melts and disappears, like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.

The tricky thing is asking the right questions and being brave enough to confront the thing that has been holding you back. Sometimes this can be quite scary, but take courage, you will not die. Not only will you live, but you will live with more freedom than ever before!

Socrates taught that we all have the answer within us, we simply need to ask the right questions and be willing to embrace the truth when we hear or see it. When you have been ‘stuck’ long enough to truly want to end the suffering, you will find the courage to face your inner self – both the ‘demons’ and the truth. It is a journey and an adventure that is well worth the taking!

There is more than one way to get free, but I have outlined one method here. I’ll share the other two soon. I trust this will be helpful to you.

Asking the right question:

First, identify the place you feel stuck (or sad, depressed, angry, etc.)

Next, get in touch with that feeling. Really get into it. Cry, yell or express that strong emotion with all the force that is behind it. Hold that emotion and ask yourself:

“When is the first time I ever felt this way?”

Go back as far as you can. An event, person, or situation may come to mind. Look at it. Feel it. Is this the first time you felt this way? If so, you would have been very young. If you go back to a time when you were more than eight years old, look again and ask yourself if there was an earlier time you felt this way. Most of our serious baggage comes from very early childhood.

If you can’t remember your childhood, don’t worry. Your inner being wants to be free and will bring something to your mind that will help you get there. Just be patient and trust the process.

Once you have gone back as far as you can and have found the first time you felt the emotion you are dealing with, ask this question:

“What belief did I form at this time?”

It may be a belief about yourself or about another person, or about the world at large. But ultimately it will boil down to a belief about yourself. For example, you may have formed a belief that the world is a hostile place, but behind that it usually another belief having to do with your own worth, or lack thereof. Look behind the beliefs that come up until you find the one that is about you. It will be very painful, but you can get through this.

Sit with that belief and feel what it feels like. Then ask the last question. Direct this question to your higher self, to your higher power, Source, or to God…whatever you wish to call it. We each have an inner knowing and regardless of what you call the source of that knowing, it is there and it always tells the truth. The question to ask is:

“What is the truth about this belief?”

You will be amazed at how easily the answer comes and how your feelings will immediately shift from despair, anger, rage, sadness, etc. to an almost giddy freedom and joy. I have experienced this over and over again and have assisted many people and watched them be transformed right before my eyes. It is an amazing and life-changing process!

What if it doesn’t work?

Truthfully, this process can be difficult to do for yourself until you’ve experienced it and had some practice at it. If you get stuck, assistance is available. Send me an email at be.happy@bethanylynn.org and let’s chat. I want very much for you to live the free, joyful life that is available to all of us.

Stay tuned for two more methods for freeing yourself and experiencing joy.