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Bachelor’s Corner (and Bachelorette’s)

Bachelor's Corner

This page is dedicated to my son, Michael and a friend of ours, Eric – both bachelors.

I’ve been collecting recipes for Michael for a while and recently Eric sent me a recipe he invented. It included Kraft Mac & Cheese, instant mashed potatoes, and a package of bratwurst. Isn’t that just the epitome of bachelor cooking? Since I’m committed to kitchen-testing every recipe I publish, we had to try this dish, and it was quite good.

Eric's Mac-n-Tater CasseroleI’ve affectionately named it Eric’s Mac-n-Tater Casserole. More recently, Eric sent me his original recipe for Hash Brown Hamburgers Hash Brown Hamburgerswith Avocado Sauce. It’s an excellent burger!



Bachelor's cornerI know there are a lot of boxed and frozen meals happening out there in bachelor (and bachelorette) land, so I’ve tried to be realistic and include some super easy dishes made with prepared foods, like cream of mushroom soup. But I’m also offering some ‘real’ food ideas that are not only easy to prepare but that are elegant enough to impress the ladies, should you be interested.

When I was single, a fellow I dated actually served me a dinner of microwaved frozen corndog on a paper plate, no less, and room-temperature V-8 Juice in the can. Another guy I know of served acorn squash for the appetizer and for the main course. Really? Uh…well…I’d like to help you do better than that!

Bachelor's Corner

My partner, Tom, was single for seven years before we met and he often cooked for the women he dated, so I am putting his expertise on how to make a great impression to use. He had two favorite dishes which he says were both “real panty droppers”,Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Mousse

and Pasta Puttanesca , (the name means ‘the Pasta of the Sidewalk Cinderella’), which is very fitting, since the name of the dish refers to the ladies of the night in Italy. 😉

Pasta Puttanesca







On one of our first dates, he cooked dinner for me and, I confess, Authentic Italian SaladI was very impressed when he made a fresh green salad and dressed it right in the bowl without a recipe. He even used fresh garlic, which he smashed with the side of a knife, something I didn’t learn until I’d been cooking for decades, and I had never made a salad dressing without a recipe! I finally captured his secret in Authentic Italian Salad Dressing.

When Tom first started cooking, he would only use recipes that had 5 ingredients, or less, so he’s been really helpful in this area, as well. A man he worked with challenged him to make Almond Lemon Chicken

Almond Lemon ChickenWhen he took up the challenge, he not only found that he could handle more than 5 ingredients, but that it was fun and gratifying. I hope you, too, will venture out beyond your comfort zone in the kitchen once in a while.

Even if you’re only cooking for yourself, why not experiment with some of these easy recipes? I promise they are delicious and you might even have FUN preparing them!

Here are some super-easy recipes that require no expertise in the kitchen. If you’d like to see the Pictorial Index, click here, or click on the title to see the individual recipe. ENJOY!


Do you like to grill?

Tom is the grill-master in our house and although he doesn’t cook a lot, he’s always eager to prepare any of these excellent recipes.

For the “gourmet” bachelor who is willing to be more adventurous to WOW the women in his life.

NOTE: You might want to serve Tom’s semi-famous Best Ever Margarita with one of these starters.


ENTREÉS: (See the grilling and super-easy sections above for more entreés.)




DESSERTS: How to really impress!

BREAKFAST: Because ya’ never know!